Healthcare Facility Solution

The one-stop cloud-based robot service platform provides multiple tasks management such as real-time interactive information at service centers, route guidance, controlled articles/meal delivery, and surgical room/ward environment disinfection services, to plan human service allocation intelligently.

Field of Application: Hospitals, Care Centers


Multiple Authentication Mechanisms

Efficient Delivery

Flexible Use via Multiple Boxes


Virus Inactivation Rate*

Intelligent Reception

Information and Route Direction

Robots in healthcare facility aim to enhance the quality of medical care, reduce labor costs and the risk of errors, ensure environmental hygiene and safety, and meet the growing market demand for superior care services. This encompasses services such as drug and specimen delivery, interactive medical data management, customized meal delivery, care reminders and guidance, and 24/7 disinfection

*99.99% is the estimated sterilization rate, based on the UVC sterilization standard irradiation range for reference, but may still vary depending on environmental factors.